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The fruit, scientifically known as Chrysophyllum cainito, is native to the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean. In addition to the name milk apple, it is also known as Caimito, yellow leaf tree, milk fruit, Abiaba, Cainito, pomme de lait, estrella and aguay…. The tree produces a very popular and abundant fruit. local medicinal uses with a large trunk with good quality wood.

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Star apple (Chrysophyllum caimito), caimito fruit or milk fruit, is a delicious tropical fruit that is grown throughout the tropics, including Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese call it “vú sữa” (milky breast), indicating that the fruit has milky juices inside.


The fruits are used as a fresh dessert fruit. The pulp of the star apple is aromatic and has a tropical sweet flavor with nuances of apple, lychee and persimmon.


The fruit is most often enjoyed raw as is but can be used in a number of dessert and beverage preparations as well. You can slice the fruit in half and use a spoon to remove the pulp. Best when served chilled, the pulp of the fruit can be used in beverages, parfaits, sorbet and both green and fruit salads. Its flavor pairs well with mango, oranges, condensed milk, coconut milk and whipping cream.


Star apple provides a fair amount of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous. Its pulp has also been found to be rich in phytochemicals aka antioxidants, which have been shown to help to prevent certain cancers and support a healthy immune system. The fruit has been used to treat sore throats and reduce the inflammation associated with pneumonia and laryngitis.

In our farm, we grow two varieties of star apples, those with purple skin and others with green skin. You can order fresh star apples, which are picked by hand when ripe, via our website.


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