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Soursop is not only a fruit rich in healthy nutrients, but also cures and prevents many diseases such as anti-cancer, good for the heart, and regulates blood pressure. However, not everyone who eats this fruit is good.

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Soursop, also known as Annona muricata, is a species of flowering, evergreen tree plant native to Central America such as Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean, Brazil, Colombia… Currently, the tree is grown in a number of Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia,…


The fruits are dark green and prickly. They are ovoid and can be up to 12 in long, with a moderately firm texture. Their flesh is juicy, acidic, whitish, and aromatic.

The flavor of the fruit has been described as a blend of strawberries and apple with sour citrus flavor notes, contrasting with an underlying thick creamy texture reminiscent of banana, with an aroma comparable to pineapple. The pulp can eaten as is or used to make fruit nectar, smoothies, fruit juice drinks, as well as candies, sorbets, and ice cream flavorings.


Soursop is a fruit that is high in nutrients and vitamins and is regarded to be a very healthy fruit. Overall, this fruit is low in calories but high in vitamin C, as well as niacin, riboflavin, folate, and iron, which provide energy to help with chronic disease therapy.


Soursop is a popular fruit, widely used in Vietnamese cuisine. It not only has a delicious sweet-and-sour taste but also brings many nutritional values ​​as well as good effects on health.

Soursop leaves are also sold and consumed in some countries as herbal medicine. The leaves are usually boiled to make tea or used in tenderizing meat. It is believed to have medicinal benefits such as for preventing cancer and anti-inflammation.


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