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The Thai toad tree, which originates from Thailand, has outstanding advantages compared to our toad. Fast growth. Fast to bear fruit, plants grown from seeds 5 months can still flower and bear fruit. Lots of fruit. Fruiting year round continuously. The variety is only 2m high, very convenient to harvest.

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The June plum (Spondias dulcis), also known as ambarella, is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that is widely farmed. From mid-June through mid-January, the harvest season begins.


The fruit may be eaten raw or made into jams, preserves, and jellies. They are also cooked into soups, curries, and stews, pickled for extended use, or cooked in sugar water and mashed to create an applesauce-like consistency.


The taste of June plum is a combination of sweet and tangy that many haven likened to cherries, mangoes, pineapples or star fruit, depending on the palate.

The pulp is very juicy when eaten ripe but still is tasty in its half-ripe form. It has a sweet and succulent taste when ripe that dances the meringue across your taste buds. Its flesh is soft in its ripe form which makes it easier to eat or bite into but if you prefer a crunchier taste that’s chewier then the half-ripe form is more your style.


The fruit is a rich source of vitamin A required for vision. It’s also a component for reproduction and aids in the functioning of organs ranging from the heart to the kidneys and lungs. A wash for sore eyes can also be created.

June plums have natural antibiotic properties that aid the body in resisting bacteria and infections.


Another good benefit of June plum in recent studies has shown that it can reduce hypertension (high blood pressure). This is due to nutrients and minerals like vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium present along with other compounds.

The fruits contain antioxidants that assist the body in mitigating the effects of free radicals that cause damage at the cellular level and result in the fine lines and wrinkles of premature aging.



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